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Here's our take on carburetors for your 914... at this point, they may be a necessity. 

Old L-Jet and D-Jet components are failing left and right and, the field of viable replacement parts is just simply drying up and dwindling away.  That said, DON'T DO IT without changing your camshaft.  Not to be an alarmist, you can certainly drop some Webers on your Type 4 and, they might even be better than your failing fuel injection but, don't count on massive hp results without a camshaft designed to be used with carburetors.  With the right camshaft, these carburetors can be "magical". 

Porsche 914 - Dual 34ICT Carburetor Conversion Kit - K1412

Believe it or not, some 914's in Europe were delivered with dual Solex PDSIT carburetors.  These can be a great choice for a daily cruiser that wants reliability combined with killer Type 4 fuel economy.

Orig.: $1,047.90
Sale: $429.95

Porsche 914 - Dual 40 IDF Carburetor Conversion Kit - K1347

Building a big 4?  Cams and Carbs may be the way to go. These 40 IDF kits are what we recommend for most 2.0 and even some 2.2 applications.  A great 2.0 or 2056 rebuild with a carb camshaft can be a whole lot of fun with these carburetors.  

Orig.: $1,487.92
Sale: $795.00

Porsche 914 - Dual 44 IDF Carburetor Conversion Kit - K1295

If you are building a high performance Type 4, this is the set-up for you. These are recommended for 2.0 and larger motors that have carburetor specific cams. Kit comes complete with two new 44 IDF carburetors, manifolds, linkage, air cleaners, hardware kit and illustrated instructions.

Orig.: $1,487.92
Sale: $795.00

REDLINE Rectangular Air Filter - 99217.345

Redline Rectangular Air Filter for Weber 40, 44 and 48 IDF carburetors.


REDLINE Oval Air Filter - 99217.347

Redline Oval Air Filter for Weber 40, 44 and 48 IDF carburetors. 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 x 6 7/8

No Price

Redline Stack / Trumpet Socks (pr) - 99008.930

Here's a great alternative to tall stacks and/or hard to access applications.  Slap a sock on it!  3 3/4" OD x 4 1/4"

Orig.: $54.66
Sale: $49.95

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