Early (SWB) 911 Brakes
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Why Two Prices?; The "Core Charge" Explained:

A "Core Charge" is similar to the deposit you might pay for a can or bottle of soda. In many states, to promote recycling, you are charged a deposit (core charge) when you purchase a can of soda and you receive your deposit (core charge) back when you return the empty can. ... The brake calipers you are purchasing are usually recyclable.  Our company specializes in making them new again. 

Some calipers can be quite valuable as well (ask us how we know, after loosing 8 pair of 356 calipers through a notable vendor).  Now you know why some core charges on our site can reach $1,500.00 per pair of calipers.  Some calipers we simply do not stock or, are so specific that we must build your cores.  You will not see a core price and a rebuild price on these items.

Vintage Brakes SWB 911 Rear Caliper Solution Kit

$799 if you have an M-Caliper Core! - Finally!  A solution!!  What we have here is the ultimate short wheelbase 911 rear caliper solution.  This kit is the cleanest, the easiest and by far, the least expensive way to get a real caliper on the back of your beautifuly elegant SWB (1965-68) 911.

Orig.: $1,299.95
Sale: $899.95

Early 911/912 Front M-Caliper (65-68 Solid Rotor)

$325.00 Per Pair - The legendary M-Caliper.  This caliper is the foundation of 911 brakes from 1965 through 1975.  As the rotors became vented and grew wider, the M-Caliper first received vented rotor spacers with the 67 and 68 911S models.  These are the soid rotor versions for your early 911.


Early 911/912 Rear L-Caliper (65-68 Solid Rotor)

$379.00 Per Pair - The L-Caliper was the first rear caliper to show up on a 911.  This one is very similar to the legendary 356 rear caliper.  in fact, the early 911's had 356 calipers on them (some in the first 100 that we've done).  Later, L-Calipers still used various "parts" off the 356 caliper.  It's not uncommon to see 356 caliper nose sections attached to standard L-Caliper back 1/2's.


Early 911S Front Caliper (67-68 Vented Rotor)

$325.00  Per Pair - These are the vented rotor M-Calipers that first showed up on the venerable 1967 911S.  After a few years on the "S", Porsche decided all 911's should have vented rotors and this caliper was the staple while the S received a new caliper based upon the alloy 908 caliper... the "S-Caliper".  If you have steel calipers and vented rotors on the front of your early 911S, this is the caliper for you.


Early 911S Rear Wide L-Caliper (67-68 Vented Rotor)

 $379.00 Per Pair - This caliper is "Uber Rare".  Imagine a rear caliper that was only used for 2 years on the very rare, very first production 911S... you're imagining the 1967-68 Wide L-Caliper.  This isn't simply an L-Caliper with spacers (we can do that for you though).  This caliper has larger M7 fasteners (over M6) and a larger 38mm piston (over the L-Calipers 35mm piston).


If you don't see your model listed here please send us an e-mail at sales@pmbperformance.com or call (855) STOP-101 (855-786-7101).  We can usually get what you need within 1-2 business days.

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