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PMB Performance

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(855) STOP-101 (855-786-7101)





When shipping calipers back to PMB Performance for restoration or for core returns please follow these simple guidelines:

Make sure all of the fluid has been drained from the caliper and the bleeders have been removed.  Fluid can leak out and damage the box during shipping.  The calipers can then be easily lost for good with no recourse.  Fluid also removes any ink you may have on notes or contact information.  After the fluid has been drained it's best to put the calipers in large, heavy-duty zip-lok freezer bags.

Bleeders can and will snap off in shipment.  The cost for removing a broken bleeder is $80.00 per inlet.  EDM (electrical discharge machineis about the only way to go as smaller EZ-Out devices nearly always fail.

***IMPORTANT*** Double box the calipers if you can (box within a box).  Loose calipers can tear up a shipping box rapidly.  If you cannot double box the calipers, make sure you have them packed "VERY" tightly in the box for shipping so they cannot move and damage the box and the other caliper.  Imagine a bowling ball rolling around in a box that's too big for it.  How long before it busts through and, you need to find another bowling ball?  PACK THEM TIGHT!!!

For Domestic USA shipping, we like to use the USPS "Flat Rate" boxes.  I realize some may cringe at the suggestion but they have been extremely reliable for us and the shipping is only $11.00 - $15.00 per box.  You can fit 2 calipers in the medium "shoe box" style flat rate box and 4 calipers in the large flat rate box.  Be careful when cramming calipers in a large FRB, again, any movement and these calipers will trash the box instantly.  Make sure they are packed very tightly and, double box if possible.  One regular customer uses two of the large FRB's and packs one inside the other.

Make sure we have all your contact information including shipping address, billing address, home and cell phone and e-mail address.  This will allow us to keep in touch and keep you up-to-date on the status of your restoration. The best and most complete way of doing this is by filling out our form below, so...

Please fill out our "Caliper Shipping Form" if you are sending calipers in for restoration. - CLICK HERE


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