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Perma-Tune 3-Pin

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This is the original Perma-Tune configuration that was factory equipment for the first production run of the famed 911, and has remained in constant production since 1968. This unit replaces Bosch unit # 227-200-001.

Today's Perma-Tune is all new on the inside, and bolts up and plugs in to the same location as the stock system. The model 911902 increases spark energy to three times that of the stock ignition system. This is why spark plugs will never foul again, even when set to large spark plug gaps and will actually recover from fuel contamination. This increase in spark energy allows your engine to make more power for the same amount of fuel. Spark plug gap can be increased to .065” and solid core copper spark plug wire and resistor-free spark plug connectors can be used. When using Webber carburetors, fuel mixture can be adjusted to increase performance. The Perma-Tune system uses the points only as a sensor, so they will generally last the life of the engine. Dwell is not a factor; simply set the points to stock gap specifications and then adjust the engine timing using a timing light.

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