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GKN/Loebro CV Joint Kit

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This is a Type 1 CV Joint Kit that will work on your 914.  YOU WILL HAVE TO MODIFY THIS CV JOINT TO MAKE IT WORK.  We will give you all of the instructions (listed and numbered below) and warn you of all of the pitfalls associated with using "other brand" Type 1 CV joints so, please, pay careful attention to the details herein.

These are "virtually" the same CV join that came on your 914.  The balls are the same size and the cage and circumferance, yada,yada, yada is all the same.

1. USE GKN/LOEBRO joints only.  We've had failures with the cheaper CV joints.  When it happened (to a friend luckily enough) there was quite a bit of research done as to "why" the unit failed.  We found that the inner cage on the el cheapo units is not cut the same allowing the CV to hyperextend.  When it is hyperextended "and" torque is applied (pretty common as you pull out of a parking lot onto a street) the cage can crack.  THAT'S YOUR ONLY WARNING.  Yes, you can get cheaper CV joints and yes, they will probably break in this application.

2. The original 914 CV was 4 Bolts and 2 "Clamping Pins".  These pins are 10mm wide and 20mm long bits of rolled steel... very strong.  These CV's are setup with 6 bolts.  The solution is to go to your local machine shop and ask them to widen two opposing bolt holes to 10mm wide at a depth of 10mm.  Bring your 914 roll pins and old CV's with you so they know what to do. Make sure you have them drill the face that will mate to either your transmission flange or the stub axle (the side with the indent).

3. Say goodbye to the paper gaskets.  These CV's are not cut for the 914 paper gasket and, if you use one you will risk catastrophic failure.  Without the two gasket grooves your paper gasket will compress improperly over time and, your bolts WILL come lose.  Your axle will fall off and possibly tear up your starter etc.  USE GASKET COMPOUND.  Permatex makes a good one and there are plenty of others out there at your FLAPS (friendly local autoparts store).


4. New for 2020, now you can select the "Pre-Machined" variant prior to adding to your cart and have the roll pin holes and the paper gasket groove pre-machined for you.  This new option allows you to have a new GKN/LOEBRO joint that is ready to install on your axle!

So that's the story.  This is about the only way to get new CV's for a 914 these days.  You can scour the countryside and look for some NOS units but, they're few and far between these days.  These are complete kits with new fasteners and assembly grease.  The only thing you WILL need are the new Schnorr washers listed on this page.  This is one of the most important steps.  The Schnorr washers come from a different supplier, otherwise we would put them in the kit for you.

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