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17mm ATE Master Cylinder

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Orig. Price: $382.00
Sale Price: $317.00
Availability: Ships in 2-3 Business Days
Prod. Code: 914 355 012 00

If your brake pedal goes to the floor and your pedal assembly is full of brake fluid, it's time for a new brake master cylinder.  Here's where we get all Zen on you and do you a big favor:

Unless this is a "concours d'elegance" thing, do your self a favor and page down to the 19mm master cylinder.  This is a slight upgrade in our opinion.  With brakes we tend to shy away from the word "upgrade" as it gets bandied about a bit too much by the sheisters out there but, a 19mm will give you a slightly firmer pedal which we think is a plus.  It will (laws of physics) take slightly more effort but, trust us, you'll get use to that in a few minutes.  Better pedal feel and, the best is yet to come... LOWER PRICE.

Final note of Zen do good: We're not fans of the Chinese import master cylinders out there as of yet.  They'll go by names like URO and Hamburg-Technic (slick).  There's been too many failures for us to recommend or sell them.  If they're charging over $75 for that stuff, you're getting ripped off.  If it's less than our prices, it's probably not ATE.

Our stance today:  Use original ATE master cylinders.  The others may have better QC in the future but for now... brakes are an important part of your "staying alive" plan.

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