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Brake Calipers
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Why Choose PMB Performance?

For the last 15 years PMB Performance has been rebuilding vintage brake calipers, using OEM finish techniques and factory seals to restore them to like-new condition. From factory 917, 908 and 911R race cars to daily driver 356's, 308's, 914's and Alfa Spiders, we've done them all.

We are the "only" brake caliper restoration facility that uses factory finish techniques exclusively.  No cheap aftermarket poly coatings, just zinc plated steel and anodized aluminum.  It is the worn zinc plating and the anodizing in the piston bore that causes 99% of all caliper failures.  Our strict adherence to finish both "inside and out" make us the only caliper restoration facility in the world that can offer an astounding 10-year warranty on our products.

This is why we say "We don't just rebuild brakes... we restore them".  Whether you plan to compete in an important Concours d'Elegance or you simply want the best for your vintage Porsche, Lamborghini, Alfa or Ferrari, we can get you back on the road.

Any Requests?

As a general rule of thumb... if we can get a rebuild kit for it, we can rebuild it.  We've gone to great lengths on extreme calipers.  1971 Lockheed Indy Car calipers?  We've restored them to like new condition.  356 annular brakes? Yup.  Porsche 917 Girling calipers?  We've built a (couple two three) full sets with custom pistons and drilled fasteners.  How about prototype calipers on your 911R #001?  Yeah, we've done those.  Delicate RSR calipers that haven't been treated very delicately in the past? We've repaired the broken fins and give them the proper black anodized finish.  Uber rare magnesium 908 calipers? We're the only place on the planet that has hard anodized 908 pistons.  Or... maybe you want your calipers rebuilt off the special 914 you were conceived in (it could happen).  If you want them done properly, you'll want us to do them.

How Does All This Work?

We get this question often; how do I go about getting calipers from you or getting my calipers restored by you?  Here's the short answer:

1. If you know exactly what you have, you can purchase calipers outright off our website.  We'll also be happy to help you identify calipers if you're uncertain of what you have. You will (usually) pay a $200.00 core charge for each pair of calipers at that time, if we have cores available for your vehicle.  We usually ship within 2-4 days if the items are in stock.  You will get your core charge back upon receiving and deeming your cores rebuildable (most are).

2.  You can send your calipers in and we can then assess the condition and send suitable replacements if we have the cores in stock.  This avoids the core charge.  We usually ship within 2-4 days from when we receive your cores.  

3. You can send you calipers in to be restored.  This (obviously) avoids the core charge.  This is sometimes the only option on rare Dunlop or Girling calipers.  We usually ship within 10-14 days from receipt of your calipers.

Choose Your Weapon...
356 Calipers 356 Calipers

From Annular to the C... we've done it all when it comes to 356 brake calipers.  Our restorations show up on Abarths and daily drivers putting smiles on their owners faces.

911 Calipers (1964-1968) 911 Calipers (1964-1968)

Pay attention!  There were a lot of subtle changes to brake calipers during the "formative years".  Fear not, we've seen them all.  If you have "any" questions, we're just a phone call away.

911 Calipers (1969-1976) 911 Calipers (1969-1976)

These were the fun times. S-Calipers reigned supreme! The rear calipers stabilized and all was good in 911 heaven.

911 Calipers (1977-1989) 911 Calipers (1977-1989)

Be it the 911SC with the 20mm rotor or the later Carrera with the 24mm rotor, the A-Caliper dominated this group. There was also this little caliper called the "930 Turbo Caliper"!  Exciting stuff.

914 Calipers (1970 - 1976) 914 Calipers (1970 - 1976)

Front, rear, early model, late model or the venerable 914-6... they're all here.  We have the right caliper for your 914.

Painted Calipers Painted Calipers

Painted calipers done the PMB way.  Stripped bare with anodizing retained.  Factory seals "only". 4-step paint and branding and re-plated hardware.

Ferrari Calipers Ferrari Calipers

When you say Ferrari calipers, you've come to the right place.  We got our start mastering the finicky Dino and 308 rear calipers.  Testa Rossas, 512's and F40's have all graced our workbench.

Alfa Romeo Calipers Alfa Romeo Calipers

What's not to love about Alfa's?  If you're stumped by that funky handbrake... we're not.  It's our specialty.  All of the steel calipers and even the aluminum Brembos.  We do Alfa's right.

"Other" Calipers "Other" Calipers

Your's isn't on the list?  No problem.  From original AC Cobra's to Aston Martins to Mercedes, BMW and Lotus. We restore vintage calipers properly.  Give us a call.  You'll be glad you did.

DIY Caliper Parts & Accessories DIY Caliper Parts & Accessories

Looking for those elusive square caliper 1/2 seals? Jack up your pistons with a pair of vise-grips? Need SpeedBleeders?  It's all here in the DIY corner.

If you don't see your model listed here please send us an e-mail at sales@pmbperformance.com or call (855) STOP-101 (855-786-7101).  We can usually get what you need within 1-2 business days.

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