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Bosch D-Jet MPS Rebuild Restoration Service

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The manifold pressure sensor (MPS) is one of the most critical components of your entire D-Jet system. In modern systems it's generally called a MAP (manifold air pressure) sensor. To over simplify it, the MPS measures the amount of air the engine sucks in, turns it into data and then sends that data to your ECU. The ECU, in turn, sends the proper intake pulse signals to the injectors.  This little guy is REALLY important to getting your stock D-Jet fuel injection system to operate properly.  It's the eyes and ears that tell the brain how much energy to give to the muscles!

Our little cars have what we call a Type 2 MPS.  These units introduced the "Full Load Diaphragm" that, in part, are the usual cause for failure.  Over time, the back and forth movement of these thin copper diaphragms will usually cause a tear.  The tear then causes a major vacuum leak and... you're here reading this.  The diaphragm really is a great thing as it offers more flexibility.  With now two concentric screws and a full load stop screw, you can now adjust part-load and full-load mixture separately.  But again, all of this comes at a price as you have a unit that "will" eventually fail.

WHAT WE DO: When we get your unit in it will go through three main tests to determine if it is repairable (WARNING, not all units are repairable).  First we'll measure your primary coil to see if it falls in spec.  Next we'll measure your secondary coil.  If a coil fails to have the proper amount of resistance, the unit is basically not rebuildable.  THAT SAID, we've never seen open coils so, that would be extremely rare. The final test and, the inevitable point of failure will be the diaphragm and the leak down test.  When you pull a vacuum on the unit, it is designed to leak down at a predictable rate.  More than likely, it will fall short of that predictable rate.  This is that diaphragm that we discussed previously.  We'll disassemble the unit, clean the housing and reinstall a new diaphragm.  

If you don't see your model listed here please send us an e-mail at sales@pmbperformance.com or call (855) STOP-101 (855-786-7101).  We can usually get what you need within 1-2 business days.

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