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911 Carburetor to Intake Manifold Gasket

Stop air from leaking into your induction system causing lean conditions that are hard to fix. Are your carbs popping and gurbelling? This may be your cause. 

Orig.: $3.81
Sale: $1.75

Weber 40/46 IDA Repair Kit

Rough idle? Poor performance? It's probably time to dig into your carbs. These Weber (40/46 IDA) Carburetor Rebuild Kits will help you do the job right. These are for all 6 Cylinder 911 & 914/6 vehicles equiped with Weber carbs (sold per each, 2 kits required per vehicle).


Zenith Carburetor Repair Kit

If you have Zenith 40 TIN carbs on your 911, this is the hard to find rebuild kit for you. These poor carbs get a bad rap but, if they're tuned properly they can work like a champ on your 911 or 914-6. Time to dig in and get all of the old sludge out of your cabs and get them working like the factor intended. 

Orig.: $353.94
Sale: $89.95

Hengst Brand 911 Air Filter

OEM German Hengst air filters remove particles of dust, dirt and soot from the intake air and thereby prevent accelerated engine wear and damage to sensitive components. They contain state-of-the-art filter media that have been specially impregnated to resist heat and humidity. These top-of-the-line products combine OE quality, precise fit and stability. 

Orig.: $32.17
Sale: $21.75

Mahle Brand 911 Air Filter

 Mahle is the worldwide leader in air filtration. Don't be fooled by horsepower gains and smoke & mirror marketing. Your car is one of the best ever made... get the best air filter for it and keep it running and breathing right!

Orig.: $32.17
Sale: $18.50

Meyle Brand 911 Air Filter

Looking for a great OEM style filter on a budget? These Meyle air filters will help keep your insides clean and your engine breathing right. 

Orig.: $32.17
Sale: $14.95

CIS Air Filter Housing Strap (300mm)

These OEM CIS Air Box straps are the way to go. Aftermarket brands don't have enough anti-ozonate in the rubber and will snap, crackle and pop before you know it. This is the proper 300mm OEM unit. 

Orig.: $29.60
Sale: $11.00

911 Fuel Filter

Keep the fuel coming into your carbs clean. With old cars and old tanks, rust and grime can build up and try to make its way into your fuel system. A fresh filter every year keeps everything sparkly clean inside. 

Orig.: $5.95
Sale: $3.95

911 MFI Fuel Filter

Oh... one of the lucky ones with a snazzy MFI induction system on your 911 motor? Nothing sounds better right? Keep it running right by keeping the fuel and the injectors clean, clean, clean. Only OEM will do for this task. Get them here. 

Orig.: $75.78
Sale: $52.00

MFI Velocity Stack to Housing Gasket

For a proper running motor you have to have all of the air leaks taken care of. Eliminate this as a potential problem area with new gaskets all around. Six needed in all for this job. 

Orig.: $3.86
Sale: $2.25

MFI Pump Gear

Belt went astray and goofed up the gear? No cover on the back and you sucked up a rock? Here's a new OEM gear. Not cheap but, in the grand scheme of things (invaluable MFI injection), it's a bargin. OEM parts. 

Orig.: $218.64
Sale: $182.00

Bosch MFI Injector

Getting harder and harder to find, we found a limited number of these original Bosch MFI fuel injectors. OEM of course, these fuel injectors will restor the proper spray pattern to your vintage 911E, S or RS. 


Fuel Tank Sending Unit

Fuel gauge not working? Maybe it's your sending unit. These things are rather fragile inside and over the years, in-tank corrosion can take its toll. This is an OEM Siemens/VDO sending unit. Don't forget the cork gasket! 


OEM VDO Sending Unit Gasket

This little guy is a lifesaver for keeping that fuel smell out of your front trunk. When you're repairing your tank, adding one of those snazzy 100mm fillers or changing your sending unit, now's a great time to replace that dried out cork gasket that has served you so well for all these years. This works with the oil tank sender as well. 


Fuel Tank Cap and Fender Guard

Mine was long gone when I got my 911. One day I was on a frivelous online shopping spree and one of these came home with me. Amazing how much this is needed. It helps protect your fender from gas handles and spills. Frivelous? No... Must Have!! 

Orig.: $14.18
Sale: $9.25

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