B-Stock and Clearance Items
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B-Stock - Same Warranty... With a few "Character" Enhancements

Every now and then, we get a few calipers that are, let's just say, not up to our lofty expectations.  These are usually finish issues.  Maybe some pitting from previous rust issues or perhaps a few stimulating tool marks from an overzealous mechanic or two.  That's OK... scars are just tattoos with better stories!

Fear not, our loss can be your gain.  These calipers definitely live up to our expectations on the inside (the bad ones go to metal scrap).  They go through the same process that makes all of our caliper PMB calipers.  They get media blasted to bare metal, refinished in factory yellow zinc dichromate, carefully assembled with factory seal kits and torque values triple checked.  They even carry our famous 10-year warranty.

All B-stock calipers are sold as-is with no core needed.  

Clearance Items

We have too many.  We're bursting at the seams.  We're stubbing our toes on these things!  Help us out.  We don't like counting these calipers come inventory time.  We don't even like inventory time.  Look closely, we'll occasionally have some over-stock clearance items listed here as well...

CLEARANCE - Late 914 Front Calipers (73-76)

CLEARANCE ITEM - For a Limited Time - $225.00 Per Pair!! (not including the core charge) - The late 914 front caliper is a newer version with a different offset.  It comes from the VW 311 parts bin.  They still use 42mm pistons but the casting and offset is different from the early front.  These later calipers will have machined bolts and 11mm hex heads.  They're also noted by the dual bleeder valves.  Early and late calipers can be switched from strut to strut "IF" you use the matching early and late rotors.

Orig.: $525.00
Sale: $425.00

CLEARANCE - Early 914 Rear Caliper (70-72)

CLEARANCE ITEM - "THESE FIT ALL YEARS" For a Limited Time - $225.00 Per Pair!! (not including the core charge) - Your early 914 rear calipers are probably not working.  That's 30% of your stopping power right there!  If you could increase your 914's gitty-up and stop by 30% why wouldn't you?  Based upon what we see in terms of cores, nearly 90% of the rear calipers out there haven't been adjusted and are now rendered inoperable and all bound up.  You own a cool vintage sports car... "ya gotta tinker with it a bit."  This is one of those areas you should check annually.

Orig.: $525.00
Sale: $425.00

CLEARANCE/B-STOCK - 911SC "RIGHT SIDE ONLY" Mid A Caliper (for 20mm rotors)

Only one of these gang... we have a "right side" A-Caliper off a 911SC (for 20mm vented rotors) available.  Everything here is basically A-Quality.  The original fasteners have been subbed out for more 10.9 variety but, only your hairdresser will know!

Orig.: $262.50
Sale: $89.50

CLEARANCE/B-STOCK 911 Carrera Wide A Caliper **RIGHT SIDE ONLY** (for 24mm rotors)

Orig.: $262.50
Sale: $89.00

If you don't see your model listed here please send us an e-mail at sales@pmbperformance.com or call (855) STOP-101 (855-786-7101).  We can usually get what you need within 1-2 business days.

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